Less Stress and A Lot More Smiles

USA Downhill Skateboarding Association - Helmet

“The help from everyone kicking in to make the Airbnb happen for us was amazing! It made going to the World Skate Games for Team USA feel a lot more welcoming, as the whole team was in one area. Having that home away from home led to better sleep at night, less stress, and a […]

Helped Alleviate Stress and Debt

USA Downhill Skateboarding Association - Longboard

“The fundraising efforts by USA Downhill helped alleviate some of the stress of affording the trip, as well as helped to alleviate some of the debt I was incurring to make the trip happen.”

Helped Bring the Crew Together and Supported Each Of Us

USA Downhill Skateboarding Association - Car

“The USA Downhill Skateboarding Association was instrumental to the team thriving at the 2022 WSG. Their commitment to supporting athletes made a direct impact on my gold medal win. Without their help with housing and travel expenses, I’m not sure it would have been possible to compete. Their team also helped bring the crew together […]

Completely Prepared to Perform

USA Downhill Skateboarding Association - EFL Championship

“The USA team fundraising put my mind at ease for lodging while competing at the World Skate Games. The team fundraising also helped support me in getting the best gear so I could feel completely prepared to perform at a level I don’t think I ever have before.”

World Skate World Championships 2023

usa dsa 2023 world skate championship tagatay announcement

The World Skate Downhill Skateboarding & Street Luge World Championships 2023 has finally been announced. Read up on all the details for this exciting event held in Tagaytay Philippines.