The USA Downhill Skate Association (USADSA) is a non-profit organization promoting athletic excellence through the sports of Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge, in order to elevate Gravity Sports through administering the United States National Racing Series and providing equitable support to the USA Team, once selected.

The organization fosters top-level riders from around the United States by working with professional events at some of the best locations in the nation.

The association will focus on these goals in accordance with the IOC Code of Ethics, the USA Downhill Code of Ethics, and the USA Race Rules and Regulations. It will not involve itself in political or religious issues.

The association strives to promote open and universal access to sport by promoting all categories (OPEN, WOMEN, MASTERS, JUNIORS, ADAPTIVE) as well as the continuous development and training of all those who wish to participate in a downhill discipline.

USA Downhill Skateboarding Association - Racing

Means of action

The association’s means of action are as follows:

  1. Establish organizational rules and technical and sporting regulations for all Disciplines
    governed by the association.
  2. Issue of licenses for event organization to associations affiliated to the association, as
    well as individual membership to competitors. Licenses may also be issued in respect
    of other activities relating to furthering the purpose of this association.
  3. Sanction the organization of events for the Disciplines, directly or through actors
    (associations, individuals, clubs, etc.). The events will be organized in accordance
    with legal and regulatory provisions in force.
  4. Assist in the promotion of international events.
  5. Establish disciplinary powers appropriate to the association, monitor these powers
    and exercise them as required.
  6. Organize any other event likely to promote the sport.
  7. Organize training and educational courses to improve and disseminate knowledge and
    skills of the areas specific to the Disciplines.
  8. Keep records, compile information, and retain relevant documentation relating to the
    organization and development of sport.

Code of Ethics

As part of its participation in and support of the Olympic Movement, and in the interest of upholding a culture of ethics and integrity, the USADSA has adopted the IOC’s Code of Ethics. In adopting the IOC Code of Ethics, the USADSA voluntarily and specifically complies with all provisions of the Code.

Visit to view the IOC Code of Ethics.