The USA Downhill Skateboarding Association was founded as a Washington State Non-Profit Organization, in December of 2022. Our goal is to promote athletic excellence through the sports of Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge, in order to elevate Gravity Sports and the athletes who dedicate their lives to the sport. The successful completion of a campaign created to support the 2022 USA Downhill Team Delegates who represented our country at the World Skate Games, in Argentina, set the foundation. The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3). 

The founding Board Members are Marcie Morgan, as President; Maxwell Capps, as Treasurer; and Omar Alderete, as Secretary.

Together we are thrilled to announce the formation of the USA Downhill Skateboarding Association and kick off our first fundraising campaign “Momentum – Pushing Our Sport to the Next Level”.

The Momentum Campaign is designed to give a boost to the organizations purpose: To provide an inclusive environment that offers fair and equitable support to athletes, while promoting national and international Gravity Sports Racing, in order that athletes have the unbiased opportunity to represent the United States of America at amateur and elite-level competitive events.

This means:

  • Create and activate the following programs and community support-
  • Provide athlete training workshops and camps
  • Provide professional Coaching opportunities
  • Facilitate safe events for junior, amateur and professional riders
  • To create a pathway to Top Tier Racing within the United States
  • Support events designated as “USA National Qualifiers”
  • Secure funding through grants, strategic partnerships, sponsors and donations
  • To Promote athletic excellence through the sports of Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge, in order to elevate Gravity Sports, and add legitimacy to the efforts of being recognized on the Olympic World Stage.
  • To promote healthy lifestyle habits through sport
  • To promote equity and inclusivity within competitive events, media campaigns and sponsorship
  • To advocate on behalf of the safety and wellbeing of athletes
  • Provide financial support to athletes competing at the World Level
  • Provide continued support to USA Team Athletes through social media campaigns, sponsorship opportunities, training and coaching, etc.
  • Acquisition of official training facilities within the United States

Through the Momentum Campaign, our goal is to Push Our Sport to the Next Level!

The beginning stages of the Association require some structural and business administrative costs to ensure a strong push off the starting line.

Taking it to the next level requires:

  • – 501c3 filing with IRS
  • – Trademark filing
  • – Web hosting and platform fees
  • – Initial Grant Writing Service Fees
  • – Other business set-up costs

Your support will go directly to these costs and give the USA Downhill Skateboarding Association the Momentum it needs to continue to support athletes and event organizers within the United States.


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Why Donate?

Since all the skateboarding disciplines at the World Skate Games; vert, downhill, luge and slalom, are not a part of the Olympics, USA Skateboarding does not receive any funding from the USOPC, the government, or from sponsors to support these disciplines. Therefore there is no available funding to support the participants.
To support the athletes, coaches, media team, and administration, we need your donations. So be the Team Behind the Team and donate today!