marcie morgan president of usa dsa 4.16.24

Marcie Morgan


Marcie Morgan resides in the Greater Seattle area. She is the founder of Seven Seals Racing Team, an organization that supports girls, women and under-represented athletes in Gravity Sports Racing. After competing in three USA Qualifying Races, Marcie is honored to have secured her placement on the Women’s USA Downhill Team, at the age of 42. Marcie is currently ranked 6th in the United States for Women’s Downhill Skating.

Marcie is the mother of two wonderful sons who are always pushing her to be her best! She has been skating since 2016, when her then 15-year-old son began teaching her. The love for downhill was ignited! The bond created through skating together is unique and special. Marcie and her son became the first Mother and Son duo to skate downhill.

With a solid background in financial accounting and business planning, she has proven to be an asset to the Downhill Skateboarding community. Marcie currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Downhill Federation, as Treasurer. 

Her ideas for moving the sport of Downhill Skateboard Racing forward culminated into the creation of a funding and athlete promotion campaign for the 2022 USA Team that was sent to compete, in Argentina, at the World Skate Games. Within just a few months, the campaign raised over $30,000.00 in donations and “like kind” contributions for the USA Team, consisting of 16 elite athletes from across the Nation. Because of the campaign’s success, Marcie envisioned a non-profit organization that would continue to support the top athletes in the United States. Together with Max Capps and Omar Alderete, the USA Downhill Skateboarding Association was formed.

USA Downhill Skateboarding Association - Hairstyle

Maxwell Capps


Born in the Bay Area of California, raised in Orange County. Max was born to a hall of fame family of racers and builders: his grandfather created the most iconic hot rod funny cars of all time, as well as ushering in the era of custom billet parts.  His father,a championship winning drag team crew chief. His introduction to skateboards came when his friends asked to custom shape their skateboards in his dad’s garage shop. A few months later he was bombing hills and signing up to race, himself. Skateboarding became a platform for Max to tap into his fabricator roots; “if you can’t buy it, make it”. As the years went on, Max found himself at the core of the skateboard and car racing scenes. Max has competed in over 300 downhill races, works on GT3 sports cars, and is still customizing boards for those interested.  His work has seen himself and others rise to the top of the podiums in recent years. Max is the 2x King of California RaceSeries Champ, 2x Maryhill Champion, Catalina Island Champion, and 3x Barrett Junction winner. 

Max started Prototype Racing, a nuclear Downhill Racing team consisting of Max Capps and Tim Del Rosario as athletes and Tyler Topping as the head of Media.  Prototype brings structure and professionalism that is usually only seen in world-class racing series such as Formula 1. In a sport that values individual accomplishments, Prototype aims to bring team dynamics and shared goals to the race track.

The team is structured to produce high quality results and high quality media. We provide our sponsors deliverables to create mutually beneficial relationships that elevate the team and the brands that support us. In 2019, the year of Prototype’s debut, the team did extremely well in the World Championship Tour as well as domestic races.  In 2022, the team has not let off the gas. Max is racing at the World Skate Games in San Juan, Argentina, representing Team USA with Tim as the Team USA Head Coach.  Tyler is on the USA Skateboarding downhill committee. A Prototype sweep.

c.j. hollingsworth usa dsa secretary

C.J. Hollingsworth


A proud mother of four grown children, C.J. is a registered nurse and has been a nurse for 40 years.

C.J. has been involved in downhill for over a decade, beginning when her youngest son was competing in the junior’s division of downhill skateboarding. She began riding street luge in 2015 and ultimately had the privilege of racing on the USA team at the World Skate Games 2022 in Argentina.

C.J. is passionate about being involved in downhill skateboarding as the sport grows and evolves. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve this community that she loves so much.