Tim Del Rosario, Team Coach

Age 31. Born in Monterey Park CA and raised in the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles.

At age 15 began bombing hills inspired by Coast Longboarding in Canada using Silverfish Longboarding as a community hub for communication along with being thrown in the Mercado dagger van.

Tim was adopted into the lifestyle by Gravity racing Legends John and Dave Rogers who are gold medalists in multiple classes of gravity racing, quickly adopting techniques and skills from these legends promoted clean safe, and fast racing on local favorites such as GMR and Dump Rd with relatively safe controlled conditions pushing the boundaries of the equipment and himself. The pursuit of riding bigger faster hills always being the goal and outlets such as skate house media, gravity games, and Red Bull downhill events as more inspiration to better his technique and racing ideals.

Goals remain the same as the equipment becomes more reliable the pursuit of the boundaries and limitations of downhill skateboarding will continue to be pushed by Tim and the community that pursues speedboarding.

  • 2nd Top Speed Challenge Unlimited – Downhill skateboard Qc 2019 91.24mph
  • 1st Top Speed challenge Classic – Downhill skateboard Qc 2019 91.24mph
  • 5th Tepe and Tacos 2022
  • 3rd Maryhill World Cup 2011
  • 2nd top speed challenge 2017
  • Top qualifier and 4th place – Tour De Maryhill 2022
  • 3rd place Mt Baldy – Downhill slalom 2018
  • 8th in USA DH skate qualifier series 2022
  • 2nd place Killington World Cup 2017
  • 2x 2nd place California Outlaw series 2017-18
  • 1st place Dump rd Outlaw Badlands CA 2015-2021
  • 1st place Barret junction Outlaw 2015-2019
  • 1st place Jakes Rash – Pender Harbor CA 2018
  • 2nd place Danger Bay 2018
  • 1st place Maryhill Ratz Fall Freeride 2018
  • 1st place Whitcomb Challenge 20184th Killington World Cup VT 2018
  • 3rd place California Outlaw Series 2008
  • 3rd place juniors Bonelli park 2007


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