Internship Program

The ideal candidate will be a college student seeking to fulfill credit requirements or in need of a project for class completion.

Sports Marketing Intern – Job Description and Responsibilities

Work alongside the Board of Directors to create marketing strategies that promote the Downhill Disciplines.

Coordinate directly with our media partners to implement marketing strategies.

Assist in the growth of the brand by raising awareness through various social media platforms.

Monitor social media postings to ensure the brand message is consistent with the terminology used and images posted, as well as the brand. 

Aid in the daily aspects of promoting the business’s various campaigns

Interact with followers, athletes, potential partners, and clients by communicating and answering questions through the company’s social pages or via email correspondence

Assist in implementing plans to increase reach on popular social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

For more information, questions or to submit a resume, please send an email to: