2023 Tour De Maryhill

usadsa tour de maryhill 2023 v3 (2)

University of Maryhill 2023 – Must Pay for both the Freeride and UM.

Schedule – 3 Day Camp – Sept.1-3

– Day 1 – Friday 9/1 at 3pm – Student meeting at bottom of the hill / Learn to Slow and Stop

– Day 2 – Saturday 9/2 – 9-5pm – Learn to Turn / Group Runs

– Day 3 – Sunday 9/3 – 9-5pm – Group Runs / Graduation Day

– Day 4 – Monday 9/4 – 9-5pm – You’re ready to be on your own with your fellow classmates and the main Freeride group!

Recommended Gear and Requirements –

– Must be able to Footbrake at 20mph.  Practice now to be ready!

– Full Face Helmet, longboard, pads, and slide gloves. 

– Round edge Sliding wheels and Sharp lip Downhill wheels.

– Message us on Social media for questions on any of this.

Crew Application

These events are only possible with a large crew of volunteers willing to help. If you are interested in a peek behind the scenes and want to help out, we offer free entry in exchange for your efforts.

Our hay crew meets the morning before the event to setup and stays late on the last day to clean up. During the event we run a crew of corner workers, truck drivers, and support positions. We ask you to work 2 half-day shifts or one full day shift in these positions.

If this is something you are interested in please fill out the form here and Miles O’Connell will get back to you! If you have questions you can reach out to him on Facebook or at his email miles.oconnell@gmail.com.